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Our restaurant is in Sasebo on the west edge of Japan.
We have been serving seasonal cuisine of the Japan two decades.

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We have 4 types of Modern kaiseki cuisine ; KARUTA, KOMA, MARI, and TAKO.

  • KARUTA - 3,240yen
  • KOMA - 4,104yen
  • MARI - 5,940yen
  • TAKO - 7,560yen

*All menu prices include tax and service charge.

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Menu for example KOMA-course.

  • Appetizer
  • Soup
  • Assorted raw fish
  • simmered
  • Grilled
  • Something new
  • steamed
  • Pot pie
  • Rice
  • Miso-soup
  • Pickled vegetables
  • Dessert

The above menu is just one example.Menus vary depending on the seasons.

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Cafe Menu for ezample ZENZAI (FLASH)

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*during winter*

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  • Counter 9 seats
  • Table A 8 seats
  • Table B 8 seats
  • Table C 8 seats
  • Table D 4 seats

It is max capacity.


But we make efforts that you sit relaxing.

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Business hours

Cafe… 12:00〜16:00
Dinner 17:00〜22:00(LO 21:00)
Closed … Sunday

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  • Location … shimanji-chou 6-3 sasebo-shi nagasaki 857-0879
  • Phone  … 0956-23-7865
  • lat/long … 33°10'7.10"N 129°43'14.30"E Use Google Earth
    • Our restaurant is not on the main street so please take care.
    • Please call us if you need directions.

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About our site

We can take reservations through this number only. 0956-23-7865

Please feel free to link to this site.
Teke this banner.


***This site is made by chef.
Sorry. my poor English.***

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